Social Worker Sentenced To Five Years For Ignoring Child Abuse Cases

KENTUCKY —  A Kentucky social worker has been sentenced to five years in prison for her behavior in the investigation of child abuse cases.

According to Attorney General Jack Conway’s office, social worker Margaret “Geri” Murphy, formerly with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, falsified a number of reports to make it appear that she had investigated cases in which there was evidence of child abuse, including a disturbing case involving sexual abuse by a three-year old’s own father. Prosecutors alleged that Murphy left children in homes in which they were abused and neglected, never looked into the claims, and lied to the state.

Murphy pleaded guilty to nine counts of falsifying documents. According to reports, she appeared surprised as she was taken into custody to serve the five year sentence, having requested probation.

Judge Charles Hickman said on the record that he was disturbed by the nature of the actions and non-actions taken by Murphy in specific instances.

“I feel like it sent a message,” commented Assistant Attorney General Barbara Whaley.

This is not an isolated incident. I have personally witnessed lack of investigation and complacency in the juvenile dependency system in my own work in California. Until the system starts looking at itself with a clear lens with a willingness to acknowledge its problems and deficiencies and until those working within the system start putting the safety of minors before personal interests, we will not be doing our part to protect our children.


One thought on “Social Worker Sentenced To Five Years For Ignoring Child Abuse Cases

  1. I am disgusted by the actions of this person. There were times when I couldn’t sleep at night because I was worried about children that I suspected of child abuse. I agree with the court, this person should be ashamed. We are here to help children and families. Goodness I can’t believe these people are allowing abused children to suffer just to rid themselves of the load. They shouldn’t have been social workers if they didn’t want to protect others.

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