The Corruption

The Corruption and Failures

in DHHS and CPS

As the movement to end government family protection fraud, child confiscation, and forced adoption gains momentum, we see more propaganda proliferated that supports social service agencies. It is a MYTH that Social Services (SS), places children with extended family. Foster and adoption markets have been cultivated, nurtured and protected for many decades, by government. Legal systems have been corrupted to further government activities AGAINST the family.

COMMON TACTICS of government child confiscation programs use poverty, domestic violence, divorce, disability, brain injury, the necessity of medical supports, indeterminate medical conditions, autism, obesity, to name only a few, under the guise of an intervention issue. NOT ONLY DOES SS ACT UPON THESE CONDITIONS, WHETHER THE CHILD OR THE PARENT HAS THEM, THEY WILLFULLY PERVERSELY DISTORT THEM AS A MEANS TO ACQUIRE THE INTENDED COMMODITY~ CHILDREN. Over 90% of the 500,000 children legally kidnapped annually by the government child confiscation programs need never be removed~ these are considered conservative estimates… everyone is chasing those federal dollars, funneling money into the supportive arms of SS activities (Kids For Cash an obvious example). Government child confiscation programs ARE privatizing and this is a means to funnel more money into the long arms of corrupt SS processes.

Mandated reporters are aggressively naive at best, under the watchful eyes of their colleagues, with laws that force their hand. The indoctrination of many professions who touch child protection fraud industries cannot see their own indoctrinated belief systems for what they are. Other mandated reporters are ill intentioned, and join the ranks of the overly consumed by pedophile demographics in child services everywhere. These criminally intentioned reporters find lucrative means to obtain their victims through already corrupted CPS/DHS/HHS/CAS/SS processes, and will soon see greater streams of children brought to their doorstep after the unintended consequences of Penn State disgraces effectuate laws across this nation.

The CPS abuse hot-lines are used for revenue streams of children~ many families know this, abuse this, calling in lies to CPS agencies when angry at a family member. SS investigations then set out to prove these lies, and take the lies into their corrupt theatrical judiciaries using the lowest judicial standard of evidence. A diligent, prudent, or reasonable investigation from CPS is sorely absent~ that the masses do not know this, and trust the system, needs to be understood. Family judicial processes are fraught with deception for the falsely accused. Falsely accused parents spend generations of family assets to regain custody of their offspring, but individual cases cannot prevail against an already highly efficient SS judiciary- their model has been studied, refined, and replicated around the world.

In hearings across this nation Senators have been given statistical confirmation of trends where switching case workers/agents is up 21% in private case management and 35% in state case management, in addition to other disturbing trends. Reference:

From this news article, “If the people working directly with the kids – the boots on the ground –
are shifting too much .. it is not going to work.”

Shifting agents in cases DURING CRITICAL MOMENTS has been vital to the outcome in many cases. FREQUENTLY shifting agents in cases has also been vital to the outcome in many cases. This strategic maneuver by SS management has been used for decades. This news article has drawn clear evidence that the documentation of shifting agents in cases has nearly doubled since 2008. That this article and these Senators appear unconcerned to this management style, is no accident. It is a popular delegation style in our legislators of today, to search for solutions without acknowledging the breadth of the problem.

Let us continue with assessment of this news article…

The trend of frequently shifting agents in cases is met with:
1) Missing specific information in foster family placement, info such as drug and alcohol use in those foster families;
2) It used to be that the information given to fosters about the children they were receiving was full of lies; now, what they’re doing is “telling you that this child has no behaviors”. I presume you cannot sue an agency for lying if they are not providing ANY information whatsoever. Clever maneuver.
3) The most disturbing is that all of these trends can now be seen in the new private sector case management under contract by Social Services. Privatizing is an extension of corruption, and not correcting an already-overwhelmed-with-corruption government agency.

This news article would have you believe that progress is being met, or even sought, simply by the fact that Senators are reviewing the 2008 implemented child welfare reform. But these are dances around the fire entertainment, an illusion well worth remembering.

It is appalling that our culture sees a justifiable reason to take a child from their birth parents because fosters are available. Career fosters often divorce and remarry, why isn’t a birth parent given this opportunity? Our society has been cultivated and nurtured by government to accept the rights of fosters and adopters OVER birth parents, and this faulty reasoning is well ingrained today, so much so that the masses rarely acknowledge problems with foster milling. Foster milling can often be found with close ties to forced psychological therapies upon these children and their nuclear families.

How did we get there?

Well, how much does government pay? To fosters? Adopters? And all the supportive staff to make adoption flourish, ie. a) state employees, b) collateral professionals, such as lawyers, court personnel, court investigators, evaluators, guardians, and their corrupted judges, and c) SS contracted vendors such as counselors, therapists, more “evaluators”, junk psychologists, residential facilities, contracted case management, and on and on and on…

How well does it pay? Are their pensions sufficient? Does the state or its agents know or care that nuclear parents spend generations of family assets trying to regain custody of their offspring, and still cannot prevail against a polished corrupt SS judiciary?

When the statistics of prevailing parties in SS cases is revealed, how does the public judge the overall success, and therefore judgment, of Social Services? How can the SS system be wrong when their statistics prove them the victor in case after case?

How well do we understand the power of indoctrination thru the use of steady income? Once a person becomes party to work that pays them well, their own internal defense mechanisms will tell them they are doing well, as in good, and that is how beliefs of one’s activities are self defined as GOOD. It baffles many falsely accused parents how child confiscation industries continue to justify their actions. It will bewilder history as to how it continued, even more.

Senator Nancy Schaefer addressed the DC Senate on the COMPLETE corruption of CPS, her and her husband were subsequently murdered.

1 of 2 – Child Protective Services Predators and Corruption – Senator Nancy Schaefer,

Beverly Tran, a legalese mind who represents the movement before Congress to end CPS corruption, explains the Medicaid Title IV funding fraud by SS in terms everyone can understand, courtesy of collaboration with Legally Kidnapped.

The Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud: Part 1 – Targeted Case Management,


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